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Lawn Programs

About Our Programs

Lawn Premium Program
This is our most extensive lawn program. It is comprised of 6 visits throughout the course of the year. The premium program targets the three main areas that produce an unattractive lawn; crabgrass (two separate applications), insects (grubs), and broadleaf weeds (spring and fall). At the same time this program will supply your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive all year long through the use of five fertilizer applications. The first two fertilizer applications are done with the crabgrass control in the spring to give your lawn a boost while it is actively growing. A third fertilizer application is done with the insect control to help maintain a healthy lawn through the summer. The fourth application will be done in the beginning of the fall, again to provide your lawn with nutrients as it is actively growing. The final fertilizer application in late fall or early winter is designed to help your lawn through the winter, but more importantly give it a head start as spring breaks. An all organic fall fertilizer is something only our premium program offers. The organic fertilizer is not manipulated by chemicals or coatings, it is just as it implies all-organic. The major benefit of the organic fertilizer is its lasting capability. Although the organic fertilizer may not produce immediate noticeable results, it actually acts more like a soil supplement as it increases the quality of the soil.

Lawn Plus Program
Our Plus program is comprised of 5 visits and also targets the same three areas that produce and unattractive lawn; crabgrass, insects (grubs), and broadleaf weeds (spring and fall). The plus program also provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs as in the premium program, but without the lasting benefit of organic fertilizer.

Lawn Basic Program
Our Basic program is comprised of 4 visits. This program provides crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control in the spring. The Basic program also provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs but again without the lasting benefit of the organic fertilizer.

Organic Based Program
Our Green program is modeled after the plus program with the addition of one extra fertilizer application in the spring The biggest advantage of this program is the exclusive use of organic or organic based fertilizers. Although we use control products for weeds and insects, our applicators do so with the environment in mind. For example, we apply only necessary amounts to control the target (weeds/insects) and avoid applications during weather conditions that will result in runoff of the material.

Additional Lawn Services We Offer

Limestone (pelletized)
Limestone is a very important part of maintaining a healthy attractive lawn. While providing some nutrients to your turf, limestone’s main function is to correct the soil ph. In order for your lawn to take up and use nutrients the ph of the soil that provides these nutrients needs to be at a certain level. This will make them available to the lawn.

Aeration of your lawn is important and provides the following benefits if done correctly:

  1. Correcting areas of soil compaction in your lawn.
  2. Increases moisture infiltration, nutrient penetration, and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and your lawn.

We usually recommend aeration of your lawn to be done in the fall. Spring is also an acceptable time to aerate your lawn. However spring is also the most active growing season for weeds. Aerating your lawn at this time will increase its vulnerability to new weeds. Aeration of your lawn doe snot need to be done every year. We recommend at least once every three years.

Thatch is the build up of dead or decaying organic matter in your lawn. Dethatching should occur when the thatch builds up to about an inch or more. Excessive thatch in your lawn can cause a number of problems.

  1. Excessive thatch buildup will restrict the movement of nutrients, water, and oxygen/carbon dioxide in your lawn.
  2. Roots from your grass will grow in excessive thatch and die as the thatch dries out.
  3. Excessive thatch will retain moisture longer which can create a favorable environment for fungus/disease.

A proper soil ph will also help in reducing thatch buildup.

Soil Tests
Soil tests are an excellent way to determine what amount of nutrients your lawn needs. This is another service we offer. The cost is $15.95 (plus tax). We will come out and take a soil sample of your lawn and provide you with the results and a program that works for you.

Lawn Premium Program

Visit     Application

  1. crabgrass control 1/2 rate w/ fertilizer
  2. crabgrass control 1/2 rate w/ fertilizer
  3. broadleaf weed control
  4. insect control (grub) w/ fertilizer
  5. all organic fall fertilizer and broadleaf weed control
  6. winterizer fertilizer

Lawn Plus Program

Visit     Application

  1. crabgrass control w/ fertilizer
  2. broadleaf weed control
  3. insect control (grub) w/ fertilizer
  4. fall fertilizer with broadleaf weed control
  5. winterizer fertilizer

Lawn Basic Program

Visit     Application

  1. crabgrass control w/ fertilizer
  2. broadleaf weed control w/ fertilizer
  3. fall fertilizer
  4. winterizer fertilizer

Organic Based Program

Visit     Application

  1. Organic based crabgrass control with fertilizer
  2. Spring fertilizer (35% biosolids) with broadleaf weed control
  3. 50% organic fertilizer with insect control (grubs)
  4. Fall fertilizer (35% biosolids) with broadleaf weed control
  5. 50% organic winterizer fertilizer