Zullinger-Brenize Outdoor Design and Maintenance

Traditional Landscaping

When you look at your lawn the options are limitless. Do you need to add a tree to help spice things up? How about refreshing your flower beds? Take out the old and in with the new!! We can help design and install a traditional landscape for your home or we can work with you to design your very own unique landscape.

We can help you understand the size and uniqueness of each plant or tree we suggest.
If you have a specific plant or tree in mind, let us know.

  • Woven fabric weed barrier (very tough fabric that allows water to your plants and stops weeds)
  • One year guarantee on all plants
  • Several bed edging materials (plastic, aluminum, concrete, walls)
  • Your choice of mulching materials (i.e. sandstone, river stone, tanbark, etc..)